EVEN Naturals is an Amsterdam based label that distinguishes itself with natural and stylish products in the field of sleep improvement. The products are created for people that value a joyful and healthy living.



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Here is what a customer said about our product...

  • "It's funny to write a review about a Mosquito Net, but I had to because this product is an all-round 10/10. I've tried out a variety of different nets while travelling and found this one to be the most easy to setup and most comfortable to date. It's versatile and has worked for me in a couple different settings already. Overall it is made of very durable fabric.
  • I hesitated a little when I saw the current discount, but the product is really high quality and looks great. In the end, the seller's discount made me choose this over other cheaper options, though the quality of it means I would have happily paid the full price in hindsight. I'm sure it would also be great to hang up in a room or on a patio as a decorative element.
  • Definitely recommend!"


"These are high quality mosquito nets that come in various models for a single and double beds, sofa, or futon, and can be used at home or traveling around the world to mosquito and malaria infested areas. It has a fine mesh to keep out mosquitoes and tabs on each corner to hang from ceiling, walls, trees, or posts. It folds up into a nice, small drawstring pouch so you can easily carry it in your luggage. It’s great to take camping. What I like:
  • Fine, high quality mesh
  • Very durable, sturdy construction
  • 80 inches x 80 inches x 71 inches
  • Comes with hooks, string, and anchors
  • Can be used inside or outside
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to take traveling
Overall, this is an excellent quality mosquito net and can be used at home or carried with you on your next trip! It’s easy to set up and has a convenient drawstring pouch with carry handle."
July 18, 2018

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July 13, 2018

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