December 20, 2015

Medical News: More effort needed to reduce risks of mosquito-transmitted epidemics in the U.S.

The number of mosquito-transmitted epidemics in the U.S. and Mexico is predicted to increase as the mosquito populations carrying so-called arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) move northward due […]
December 6, 2015

5 non-toxic ways to keep your home mosquito free (These really work!)

Mosquito nets: What’s better than the traditional mosquito net to prevent yourself from the mosquitoes. These nets have been around since ages and are never out-of-season […]
November 29, 2015

HERALD: Rising temperatures, invisible threats: Climate change spurs disease fears

“With warmer weather, mosquitoes fly more and bite more. And warmth amplifies the infectivity and replication of the virus,” said Robert Haley, director of epidemiology at […]
November 29, 2015

EVEN Naturals has decided support FirstDescent

We’re pleased to announce that EVEN Naturals will donate 5% of its profit to FirstDescents. A wonderful organization with a beautiful team and mission. See the […]