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November 18, 2015
Does your mosquito net fit on a king size bed?
May 15, 2016
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Do you need a drill to install the net?


It depends of the material of your ceiling.

When you are out camping, connect the rope(s) to a bench (no need to drill).

Hanging a conical net outdoor

When you want to use the mosquito net inside and you have a wooden ceiling you don’t need a drill.

When your ceiling is made of stone/concrete, you need to drill holes.

For a conical mosquito net you only need one hole.

For a rectangular mosquito net for a single bed you need six holes.

For a rectangular mosquito net for a double bed you need eight holes.

When you buy an EVEN Naturals mosquito net, you will get a free eBook that includes instructions.

In short: make a hole of 5mm, put the plug into the hole and then turn the hook into the plug. Connect the rope to the mosquito net and  the hook.

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